Phuket Nightlife & Nightlife in Phuket

A night on the island is exactly what many dream about. It’s hot, relaxing with entertainment, good food, nice bar girls, karaoke, go-go, coyote and more. This is for the guys who chase the girls, there is also the same for other who are after ladyboys and gay oriented. This is a vacation, beach, action, water sports and shopping destination plus soapy treatment at Christine massage.

Hot night at Soi Crocodile Bangla Road
Patong Phuket nightlife show at Soi Crocodile

Soi Crocodile, that’s ladyboys for the back side freaks, is at Bangla Road, the difference to the other similar places is there are plenty of ladyboys around dancing on the tables and posing with fantasy costumes together with the tourists, price per shot Baht 100.-. The thing is, since this is a real unique situation which wont never come again, pay the hundred Baht and have a absolute unique picture.

Now, where do they come from? There is a cabaret in the back where they are dancing but it seems more money is made with the pics as with dancing means cheers to the tourist who supply the money, read more.

Soi Crocodile
Soi Crocodile, this stands for ladyboy action

patong bangla road ladyboys
Phuket nightlife bar girls, nightclubs, disco and restaurants plus erotic adventure and more all is available.


Soi Eric
Phuket nightlife, bar at Soi Eric

Soi Eric is one of the hottest places with ladies. This kind of bar cluster are mainly on at the Soi’s (Alley) branching off the main road. One beer fill up station after the other is lining up, usually around 20 and each of them has up to around 10 ladies entertaining the guys with some games on the table, chattering and often it gets physical, naughty times are around. To call this clubbing could be ok but the nature of this places are rather loud open air bars, club is something different. It’s not only Soi Eric there around 6 more of the bigger type, another very popular is Tiger Bar, Banana Disco at beach road Safari Club, Tai Pan and more. But as the name indicates this are not bars where ladies hang around, read more.


Patong nightlife Tiger Bar
Pretty Phuket nightlife girls dancing at tiger bar

Soi Tiger, looks great, probably the best designed and decorated place on the trip. Actually this is a center with about 50 bars, each one has around five to ten women working there, some as go-go dancers.

Also a couple of ladyboys are doing this, at the upper floor was a big dance floor (it burned down in 2012) and behind is a large food court serving mainly seafood, its amazingly low priced, needs some bargaining to achieve a low price, its good and fresh stuff, try barbecued or fried Barracuda.There is a great positive atmosphere around this places, actually that’s the reason they are here for to convey this to the guests and they spend money, read more.


Soi Sea Dragon Bars

Soi Sea Dragon has got a brush up but somehow it doesn’t fit, the place is too sterile now with a high ceiling to implement a second floor. There are some dance clubs left and right the alley with hot go-go inside.

This places are also quite nice and some are of the closed type means something’s going on inside which should be kept away from the eyes of the people passing by, but on the other side they want the people to come in, so what. Women play some games on the roadside and try in vain to attract some guys to come and sit down with them. Here is also a interesting mixture of female and ladyboys, read more.



Soi Easy, is another of this small alleys which open up into a rectangle housing several bar cluster and at the frontend is one of the top disco that is Hollywood Discothèque a hot nightspot packed full with night lovers ever evening, mainly tourists and some Thai girls, everyone want to have a good time and that’s exactly what they get there.

There are some more bigger dance clubs such as banana disco at the beach road. In Thailand all this is very flexible no need to visit a dedicated disco when they want to dance, the people just stand up when they are in bar with a nice music and dance on the spot, read more.


A exotic island in south east Asia where already hundreds of  years ago Portuguese and English, Arab and Indian trader had a cultural and business center when traveling from their countries to the east, today it’s tourism and more.

Today activities in Phuket nightlife have a touch of a modern Sodom and Gomorrah and it is interesting to watch how many people like this kind of stuff, its basically entertainment in real time, no need to watch on you IPhone here everything is naturally happen in front of you and one of the amazing thing is to see plenty of Muslim people around who also like it.

If you like a busy beach and great night with restaurants, pubs, massage shops, and so on within a few minutes walk radius, the first choice is Patong Beach and the second is the Kata – Karon area which is a bit less busy.

Most accommodations are not at the beach,

a typical resort there is the K-Hotel. This island has a good image for all three gender, yes that’s true, here they have women, men and in between ladyboys where they have taken a bit away and also added some little things and now we have a new hybrid.

Like some suntan, beach, warm tropical waters? all here at the fringes of the Andaman Sea. This is a large area of international integration, you can see Arabs sitting beside Israeli, Pakistani having no problems with Americans or vice versa, black no problem with white everyone happy! The scene is overwhelming, just leaving the main road a bit into the side street and “Sodom and Gomorrah” opens up, you don’t like this? Ok, no problem just don’t go there and let the others having the pleasure and fun use the information here. This tourist spots are designed to have a good time at the most precious time of the year, your vacation.


Fun Club

Club Funthe myriads of nightlife spots produce some kind of fun, either with women, maybe some naughty games, some shows with ladyboys other supply games at the tables, dancing also wont hurt and so on.A excellent place to spend a pleasant time are the many venues with life music, this is no karaoke. The real singer and band do a great job.

Often some clients join them for a session and deliver excellent music but mostly it’s with the ladies who entertain the guys, although karaoke bars are very popular there are non at Patong only at down town, read more.


bangla go-go bar

Bangla Bars are the places where the virtual music plays and also the real one some come from the DJ some from live music. This places are really full with fun, joy and laughter plus naturally bar girls and plenty of beer which is the number drink here around.

The ladies drink some kind of a lady mix which usually is just simple coke or orange juice, only a real waitress get a rather slim salary all other women around are here for horizontal business, it seems that they like it since they are young and in a good mood.

Why women shouldn’t also like what makes the guys feel good with. It is our awkward “western” thinking which presents females always a victim, trust me they are no victims, they like it and that’s all. They are more independent as their counterpart in Europe or elsewhere, you will never see a guy who look after them, they handle this  read more.


Karaoke bar, is one of the main nightclub fun places in Asia, here this is handled in dedicated places called “Cafe” which has nothing to do with a western style cafe its a simple nightclub where the ladies are singing and help the guys drinking and guide them through the night.

This places are mainly in Phuket Town since it fit more the style of Thai and other Asian people such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese, actually I have never see a “farang” singing not even when they are drunk it’s obvious too embarrassing to here this voices since non of them know how to sing anyway. Often when the guys are drunk they let their mind loose and singing output is mindboggling, real awful, but here it wont bother any78one, read moreand for even more click the pic at right for karaoke girls.


Thai santa girls at christmas

Santa Ladies are always ready for some naughty games, check it out. Especially at certain festivities life is running at top gear in the night.

At Christmas the women get dressed up with Santa Claus Costumes and don’t look bad with it, the whole is a show anyway. Some are really sexy dressed in a way that the only which reminds to Santa is the red and white color and as usual what is this all about? to create fun and earn money with it since the better the clients feel the more are the ready to drink and pay for flower garlands the ladies get, read more.


Russian Go-Go Girls

Russian Go-Go Girls are a new addition to this business in the country. Mainly working on the island, in Bangkok, Pattaya and on the island , they came together with the tourists flood and several parts of Phuket have been taken over, it’s really amazing. It is somehow similar with the Chinese tourists who also don’t speak Thai / English which makes it better to stay together.

It’s incredible what quantities of people from that country and the former Soviet republics come to Thailand on holiday now. In most tourist hotspots language now is almost only Thai and Russian, which by the way is very similar in Cambodia, read more.


Nightclub dancing is is very popular in Thailand not only in the scene, also at every better festival girls start with coyote, it always looks good and entertains the audience. The most popular is naturally the slow motion Thai dancing.

The others are go-go and coyote, which is almost the same anyway, but it looks good, entertains the audience and has some sexy sides which everyone enjoys. Since many lesbians and gay oriented men come to this clubs it is really for everyone, read more.


sexy thai girl

Sexy Thai Girls in the nightlife business is some kind of a trademark for the coutry, most single guys who come for vacation etc. are chasing them and there is a good reason for.

The women deliver joy and pleasure that is exactly what a single traveler wants, actually not only a single one almost all guys come to the country for this it’s somehow unique. Although available in other parts of the world it is the atmosphere which makes it vibrant, it’s the soft Asian touch. Ok, sometimes it’s all other but soft which is rather normal since nobody is perfect.


Thai nightclub entertainment

Pink Lady 2002 and Buddy cafe are the best karaoke clubs in the Phuket nightlife scene, they are downtown and really deliver what the guys want. Such as sexy shows, dancing and entertainment the way the men like it.

Also the pretty women like it because they get paid for. That is their income they entertain for a living this ha s a lot of different variants. Only the clients are different, here are almost no foreigners, only Thai and even locals come in, they slurp their water tainted whisky, maybe some beer and even tea or coffee when they are Muslims.


Nightclub LadiesPhuket nightlife Ladies at downtown Pink Lady 2002Phuket nightlife Ladies at downtown Pink Lady 2002


Here is Phuket nightlife in down town, this is the main spot after Patong.


sexy  dancerPhuket nightlife and sexy  dancercoyote dancingnightclub show


nightclub shownightclub showpretty Thai ladythai gayshow pictures at buddy cafe

Creative shows are performed at New Year (Chinese & Western), Loi Krationg, Songkran and more when someone is in the right mood. The show costumes are full with fantasy, a little problem is that the women must pay them they don’t get this paid by the bar owner. The result is that they rent the clothing for the evening but that still costs between Baht 1000,- and up to 5000,- just for one day, considering the income is rather below one thousand on average it’s a big investment,

Patong Beach

night on the island is something special in particular when it should be somehow related to girls, that’s the place is targeted for and you get your wildest dreams come true if you want, read more.Shopping at night


It is easily matching any other “beach mile” on earth, there is a wide choice of more than thousand bars packed with people trying to find their special adventure.

The layout is straightforward, there is the west coast with the better beaches and naturally more expensive and at the other side is the east cost where there is shallow water in front. That is difficult to swim in but since all good hotels, resorts, apartments and housing compounds have swimming pools this is not a real problem.

People who like some action will take a hotel at the west coast and most probably its at Patong. Accommodations are on full load almost 12 month / year, means book early enough.

Bar girls are maybe what most men come to the island for, because what could be better on a vacation trip as beach, fun and hot stuff in evening from that kind is more than enough to be found on the island. No need to search a lot this “pretty things” are everywhere and some are really cute, read more.

Bangla Road PatongPatong go-go and bar girlsHot ladyboy show


Bangla Road bring a close encounter with probably the most cooperative women, actually that is the most important fun place on the island among them nightclubs with closed doors, that’s were the sexy stuff is going on. All together it is possible to say that on the island some of the most fascinating action after sunset is going on every day, except some Thai holidays.

Patong go go is everywhere when you hit Bangla Road, this is one of the most densely populated areas with pleasure ladies in the world, called Patong bar girls. Places are packed and teeming with beautiful and erotic woman on the streets, there is also  and pole dancing venues, read more.

Here are pics of a Ladyboy show at the town, another is at Soi Crocodile, other ladyboys hang around waiting for a quick hit. Usually the try to pose with tourists and ask for around Baht 100,- for the action. There are also ladyboys from a nearby cabaret doing the same, they are better because they wear dance costumes which usually look quite good.

Thai bar ladies and to take girlfriends with to the island is like the old Greeks were saying “no need to bring owls to Athens”. Just try them they show you how to do it and you can also show them how you want it, its perfect isn’t it, read more.

Here are some pictures to get a better idea what’s going on, as everyone can see in the pictures it is dominated by bars, restaurants and night ladies, its beach during daytime and pleasure in the night afterwards, read more.

Sexy photos are always interesting to watch, bringing up memories of great holidays, actually most guys who come as single travelers to this part of the world come again because of the combination of beach and free wheeling environment, read more.

Real Thai Entertainment is different to the action tourists see and experience, basically it’s more quiet and whisky oriented. Also the ladies are in a different style and almost always more pretty as the others at the tourist spots. They do the same job but here a different philosophy come in, to put it into one sentence, “same same but different” read more.

Thai bar ladies
karaoke girls pictures
Sexy Thai girls photos
Phuket nightlife fun at Pink Lady 2002 in down town.

Patong Gay Scene at Soi Sea Dragon
Gay Scene at Soi Sea Dragon with
a few stylish bars and boys.

A night there is incredible dynamic, after around 10pm there are plenty of actions going on and all have the same source, money.

Its amazing what ideas the people get when trying to find a way to get money, they do everything including cheating, small crime, selling their body, this is valid for both, ladies and guys. The main difference is in Thailand most people don’t think much about is, it brings money and money equalizes almost anything in the country.

A sexy Thai night is centered around the bar ladies because without them and the ladyboys there is no sexy oriented stuff. That leads to the conclusion, no ladies, no fun, which again means Bob Marley was wrong.. no women, no cry, is a myth.

Great pleasure is waiting for on the island trust me, it will virtually blow your pants off, a nice women will help you. There are strip shows, ladyboy shows and plenty of other strange stuff which you never dreamed about

Bangla Road nightlife pictures at Soi
Crocodile, this is a ladyboy domain.

Thai sexy


Phuket nightlife funPink Lady 2002 at down town is always good some sexy stuff.

Nightlife GirlsNightlife Girlskaraoke girls

karaoke girlsnightclub ladyboykaraoke girls

nightclub ladynightclub lady


Phuket what to do

What to do is clear, have fun, at the town they also have karaoke bars with ladies who sing on a stage and do some coyote dancing from time to time to make sure the guys get their share of entertainment. Do some compensation by buying flower garlands for them, best known is Pink Lady 2002.

Sometimes but rather seldom this ladies of the night go elsewhere with the guy another place like this is Buddy Cafe and similar is “Goong Jaah” opposite the Shell Station behind the Royal City Hotel. There are plenty of this type of a Phuket club but this three are the best the others are real “murky” and might produce some negative surprise.

There are a few small restaurants with life music at Phuket city but the real interesting places are so called “café”. A Thailand café in the night has nothing to do with a café known in the the “west” that’s a place with nightclub ladies,

Karaoke singernightclub show with naughty ladiessexy Thai girls

Nightlife Girlsshow girls in downtownpretty stage showpretty stage show

A good start to get things rolling is Tiger Bar

at the beginning of Bangla Road, it’s easy to get hot very quick since there are dozens of attractive bar ladies doing go-go. Some shake their butts extremely fast seems to be a new technique I have never seen such fast vibration before. Anyway, if you rather like some ladyboy entertainment try Soi Crocodile its amazing what’s going on there or rather its strange what kind of ideas people get in the hunt for some money.

It looks as if the whole island is invented for entertainment which is exactly what the people and especially the guys are looking for. Since 2010 there was a extreme shifting of touristic patterns, the Russians took over from the Europeans. Almost no Germans and much less English, everywhere Russian language. The shop owners have a problem with that because they say the East Europeans dont buy anything except some vodka.

Phuket entertainment
Phuket nightlife at tiger bar and disco

go-go entertainment
that’s the new complex

Phuket entertainment
the old burned down.


this is one of the best disco, nightclub plus go-go and pole dancing, a great spot close to the east end, they opened a very similar complex at the other side of the road (2012) which is about 2 times bigger. Its really hot stuff with dozens of naughty girls to try to have some fun and have a great time with the guys and women who come in from all over the world.

All that is entertainment with all kind of add on probably the best entertainment is just sitting down at a roadside bar at Bangla Road and watch what’s going on, that’s is incredible, a great relaxing life after sunset, it rolls you over like a virtual tsunami and you might wake up over a women, read more.

Here are some Ladyboy Pictures

, this is always very colorful stuff , emotional and it looks nice somehow. There are many guys who come from all corners of the world to do some kind of business with them. It’s often amazing who pretty this hybrids look like, often much better than most women. But be very careful the majority is stealing and cheating it can get quite weird with them since they know the police wont do anything to them, they just laugh and get lost, read more.

night club dancer

Night club dancer
night club dancing

Nightlife with exotic go-go, pole or coyote is dancing sensually with a vertical pole. It is often used in strip clubs. Here pole dance is performed less gymnastically, here is a pole dance video.

The dancer may just hold the pole or use it in order to perform the more athletic moves like climbs, spins etc. but here not much movement is going on beside of shaking the butt, most of the women are to lazy for it. The 4 pics here are from Buddy Cafe at down town.

They do some good entertainment, its great to watch them moving the body to hot rhythm in slim fit costumes. Sometimes not much of a costume is left when they come on the stage with bikinis which is even more attractive.

Usually the girls dance coyote

(in Thailand they call go-go > coyote) to have fun and maybe for some extra cash. Usually the nightclub ladies earn their money from commission on drinks, flower garlands, tips and some sexy action here and there, this is not with all of them so and it is necessary not to categorize them into this.

There is lots of fun and laughter when dancing because as always everyone does what she individually think, there is nothing organized, nothing trained just a little chaos with moving bodies, but it looks nice and this is exactly why the guys go there to enjoy enjoy some hours entertainment.

Thai massage at Christine

they do everything you want, a alternative would be to use one of the small massage shops along most roads where they do foot massage, oil massage and more. Patong beach is for sure the best place for a great Phuket night. If you are tired on your trip get a massage, either whole body with a soapy massage or an oil and foot massage in one of the small massage parlors.

Check Christine massage at Patong or Pearl Hotel at the town for the special massage for the guys, they start in the afternoon and work until around midnight, there are always at least ten ladies available.

On this page and other pages of this site you will find great pictures, videos and plenty of information to make your island vacation just the way you like it. Fun with ladies is not so bad, another very sexy spot in the region is Myanmar.

If you want to enjoy all this on your next trip maybe in a great resort or hotel think about to tour as a single traveler.

night club dance

night club dancer

Christin Massage
Christine Massage is the biggest massage shop in Patong, they do mainly the special massage for the guys.

Bangla Road

bars are nothing particular but the compact concentration and diversity of bars, nightclubs, shopping, restaurants and hotels is special.

Bars are a solution, not the problem, women are plenty, music great, beer flows in streams, food is in close proximity, fun is increasing with the time and beer, the ladies also help, sooner or later a decision is due should I take one of them with or not.

The situation in Pattaya is very similar but quite larger around Pattaya walking street and beach road.

Phuket Nightlife girls

in the city are at Pink Lady 2002 and Buddy Café in the town center plenty of singer who do karaoke (among other) in so called VIP lounges, they also have restaurant service.

 There are some discos around the Metropole hotel in down town but they are extremely loud, it seems that the relevant people there are already deaf. In recent years some sports bars came up showing football and usually having a pool table, plenty nightlifeladies are around.

Buddy Café has an extension used as a sports bar and another one is opposite the On On Hotel, at the On On Hotel they shot some scenes for the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo di Caprio.

The hotel itself is a real rotten place but many female tourists want to stay there because “Leonardo was here”. At other places in southern Thailand such as KrabiTrang andKhao Lak nothing much happen in the night scene with ladies, it’s a dead end after

nightlife ladies
Phuket nightlife bar girls and other pictures of naughty ladies at Pink Lady Cafe 2002. This karaoke bar always has between 20 and 60 women around to entertain the guys, turn them on and make the happy. That’s an ideal situation and that’s the reason why all of them come to the island.

Patong Beach
Patong Beach during daytime, this is the most popular beach destination in Thailand and it has its reason, why you can in our site.

around 11pm, people just hang around have dinner, maybe do a game or just sit at the beach and count the stars. At this places is also nothing such as the Pattaya walking street or similar, the exceptions are serving tourists from Malaysia and Singapore.

The “walking street” is Bangla Road, there are other smaller and quieter beach areas at other hotspots on the island but in terms of action, ladies, ladyboys, etc. nothing beatsPatong Phuket as you can see at the picture here, means go man go ! ok you also can run if you like.

Anyway in our website you find great pictures and videos among others plus plenty of informative links about hotels, guesthouses, bars, restaurants and where the real music plays.

Great pictures

show you the real thing, how you want to explain this pretty Thai woman you saw in this particular bar ? Well show the picture, its very simple and don’t hesitate to take picture no one has something against it, but don’t picture guests, here are more Thai girls pics. The island has all the temptations a man can think about, this is true for both gender.

There is also plenty of other entertainment a somehow similar entertainment in neighboring Myanmar is here, great Myanmar nightlife is here. No need to do dating on the internet, just go to a nightclub or bar and do physical on location dating in real time you will have a 98% chance of success.

When you compare what is happen in real time here you can forget most other destinations also having great night fun spots such as Manila, Rio, Mombasa and so on did you notice that we didn’t mention London, New York, Paris, Las Vegas etc. ?

All this places are rather dull in terms of what’s going on in the night and extremely expensive, who like that ? Nobody! Bangkok and Pattaya also beats any other Asian destination on this subject and the essence are the woman but this is pure academic since most of the ladies come from outside the island anyway, sexy Thai bar girls wait for you, here they call them Patong girls but as indicated earlier they are all the same.

Go-go dancing and coyote

is fun and shows the ladies from any angle and the moves are along with the music, this is a pre form of coming together on a sexy trip, at least in Thailand. Coyote dancing, they perform some kind of virtual striptease and move around, but in Thailand the difference is, no textile wont fall, this is done later.

The entertainment effect to the crowd is real great and all guys enjoy it since the dance itself is sexy and erotic. The expressions of the go-go girls, pole or coyote dancers are to make the guys hot.

You probably have heard about ladyboys which are a somehow very exotic spice in Thailand nightlife and they are mainly concentrated at the tourist spots. Sometimes it is quite difficult to distinguish them from real ones but when they talk it gets quickly obvious where they come from. There are many foreigners coming to Thailand just to have some exotic experience with them. A ladyboy usually is totally integrated into society and even if they look somehow strange sometimes no one take them negative.

 Songkran Festival at Patong
Patong at Songkran Festival
Patong at Songkran is probably the best time of the year at Bangla Road for everyone, locals and foreigners.They come from all over the world to participate on the action packed two days when people just follow basic instincts. By doing just the things they wouldn’t dare a other time and that is what Thailand stands for, it’s fun, don’t think, it’s sanook in Thai and maybe more.

Patong Phuket Bars
Fun, action, ladies, go go, ladyboys and excellent food.
Patong nightlife restaurants
Restaurants, seafood is plenty, mostly fresh and affordable, this fishes shown above are around Baht 200,-.

Patong Nightlife

is a all year round vacation destination with great women, excellent beaches and a unique life after. Enjoy your holiday with friends at the beach during daytime and livemusic barssport bars discos and clubs which are a fusion of all of them during the night.

It’s totally open and almost no rules except at around 2-3am its closing time. There are go go clubs spontaneous street parties, sometimes live concerts and many more. Gay and lesbian activities are mainly on at Patong around the Paradise hotel and the Town, this is a island where people from various worldwide cultures and beliefs come together, have fun and try some great Thai foodnightlife girls and bars.

Patong is virtually the place “where the music plays”, that’s a game in the night people come even from very far away to enjoy. Actually from all “corners” of planet earth since the easy going atmosphere, easy speed dating and a hot time by any means became very well known on all continents except Arctic and Antarctic.

The ladies can melt the ice and get some spicy experiences. There are also plenty of hot ladyboys trying to make quick cash, when ladyboys come near get all valuables and money on a safe place. Since about three years now (2012) Patong Bangla Road transformed into a walking street just as it was done at Pattaya with walking street Pattaya, that was a great idea. The problem just is all in and out are blocked by the Tuk-Tuk Mafia who think they own the roads and they cut tires when a car driven by a foreigner is parked in “their territory”, they never dare to do this with Thai people.


At the other end of the road a huge shopping mall named “Jungceylon” was pulled up including more than 300 shops, restaurants, massage parlors and a full size Chinese Junk with some water games around.

At the plaza life music is often on creating a great atmosphere, this is relative up market area and includes a hotel and nightclub, only the nightclub is a bit strange, who pays almost Baht 1000,- for entrance? Jungceylon is the biggest mall at Patong and the west coast of the island in general, a attractive place when someone ask where to go and what to do in Phuket.

Shopping is one of the preferred activities of tourists, what are the female foreign tourists doing when they get bored because their companions always look after the cuteThai ladies and most of this European, Indian, Russian and Arab women (among other)are to fat to attract attention, yes, they go shopping to compensate their frustration. Plenty have been done to make shopping as easy as possible including the set up of huge shopping malls at Bypass road at Phuket CityJungceylon mall at Patong and several Tesco Lotus malls on the island, read more

jungceylon shopping
Jungceylon shopping photos, this is the biggest mall at the west coast of the island with hundred of shops plus dozens of bars and restaurants. There is also the only reasonable car park with free slots all-time, they close for incoming cars at 10PM.


Karon and Kata beach

are the other beaches with very active nightlife, in particular at Kata Beach its getting hot again in the evening, Karon an Kata are two long stretched sand strips with a good vicinity, everything is within a short walking distance.

Kata Noi, that’s south, is most popular for surfing, actually that’s the place around the island where the waves get high enough, up to about one and half meter to do some reasonable surfing. At this side of the island is not windsurfing that’s best at the beaches south of Phuket Airport.

Fantasea and Simon Cabaret

are the two major show venues on the island. Simon Cabaret is actually a ladyboy show in beautiful costumes, there is another one behind Soi Crocodile but cant match Simon. Simon Cabaret is pure tourism dedicated, every evening they carry the tourist to this place.

Fantasea show at Kamala is another dimension and actually more in the family direction, in a huge hall bringing scenes of Thai live on the stage with dramatic accent, that includes flying people, elephants, yes there is a whole group of this big ones of to around ten of them on stage, it somehow reminds to a circus but its great entertainment just right before visiting the bars.

They bring the people back to the hotels after the evening show since they are at Kamala Beach which is about 15 minutes drive north of Patong.

phuket nightlife
Phuket nightlife at Fantasea, Kamala Beach

buddy cafe nightclub at downtown
Buddy cafe town nightclub and girls they do go-go dancing from time to time. As it is almost with everything its not planed one day they dance next day they wont.


The main action is on at Patong, bars, ladies pick up places, hidden places where some hanky panky business is going on. Sidewalk stalls offering beer just out of the refrigerator. Upper market chic clubs in between packed with ‘farang’ and getting happy with the new companion and real good Thai pop music.

Another hot spot is Bangla Road, its like all the night spots in Bangkok combined but it’s a bit smaller than Pattaya central. Women and guys are plenty, bars are mega and streets are crowded. All this is relatively low priced fun for everyone.

Against this Rio’s Avenida Atlantica or the Copacabana in front of the Ocean is child’s

play except of the gangs who who try street robbery just in front of the hotels and the police look in a different direction . Some bars with local bands, shows and coyote you can find down town There are plenty of other areas with night activities such as Surin BeachKataKaronNai HarnRawai and Chalong.

Comparing Phuket with SingaporeKuala Lumpur etc. you will find out easily that against Phuket the two last mentioned are not so active or maybe you like to hire a Singapore lady for S $ 20.000,- a day no yoke !!

There they pull your leg, just look at them into their eyes and you will see the dollar signs rotating like in the gambling machine, its legal mugging.

Patong Nightlife Disco
Hollywood disco at Bangla Road close to Soi Crocodile, there are some more discos such as Banana and Tiger Disco.

Buddy Cafe
Go go dancing at Buddy Cafe in town high tide after around 11pm.

Most discos, hip-hop clubs and pubs,

never charge cover charge but check the ID card of everyone to prevent anyone below 18 young to get in. There are a few who take cover charge in return for a drink ticket.

No negative scenes outside the clubs and discos, the people are quite peaceful. No need for a dress code, actually problems are very seldom. Cafe and karaoke venues draws an slightly older crowd.

The younger crowd using the pub’s and all is peaceful with some exceptions naturally, usually drunken foreigner. All together, it is very unlikely to have any problems around on the islands.

Enjoying Patong

or Karon Beach try something different, take the bus to Phuket town, just ask the the hotel where the bus leaves. If the bus stop is to far away look for a motorbike taxi to bring you there. At Phuket Town again take a motorbike taxi and tell you to drive around a little bit.

A good destination for your tour at downtown is either the Pink lady cafe, opposite the immigration and Buddy cafePink Lady 2002 with great women. Buddy cafe is difficult to find, just tell the driver he or she knows. When you are on holidays weather is not bad, its always above 25C even when it rains from time to time the sun will come out several times a day and the beaches are also always accessible. Sometimes when the red flag is out, mainly at Karon don’t jump in the water currents are strong and even the best and strongest will float away.

Pink Lady 2002
Phuket nightlife girls at Pink Lady 2002 in town, they probably are the most pretty women on the island.

Searching for a special?

Some are always available on the internet as there also are cheap tours and travel. When on a package tour this are not relevant, but as a individual travel on a slim budget check out the apartment option. Almost at every area apartments start at around $ 150,- per month it is not advisable to go below that margin otherwise trouble is looming, usually noise and unpleasant people. The best to stay would be a resort near the waterfront which is available at almost any beach even right at the airport is a excellent beach resort its Dewa Resort including a good stretch of sand. Attractions can be found anywhere anytime, its probably the ladies for the guys and shopping for the women including great food from all parts of the world. Restaurants are usually open until around 11pm. Day trips are many, usually visiting other islands, snorkeling and scuba diving find deals with a travel agent, there are plenty. Shopping and sightseeing can be done during day and nighttime, best for this is Phuket Town and Patong beach.


is the stuff to do when you like to relax and have someone work on you either in a spa or massage only, there are plenty, be aware when having a massage in the bigger massage shops such as Christine at Patong and at the Pearl Hotel in the town it usually has a sexy component. Lots has been told about what’s going on in the night, many like it and even more come back every year to enjoy.

Staying to long, needs a visa run